Creating mascots for anime conventions is pretty dang cool but seeing your mascot design printed on a life-size cardboard cut out is WAY cool!!
(..oh man do I look silly kneeling instead of standing upright. Lost my legs in that picture XD )

This is the 2nd year they’ve made a huge cutout print to promote their convention, and it’s something I think is really great they work hard to promote their convention in different exciting ways like this. It makes me excited that they get just as excited as I do.

For those that don’t know Animaine is an anti-bootleg convention with a lot of fun unique panels you won’t see at other cons.

The last photo is 2012’s mascot design I created that was made into last year’s cut out.

It’s the convention’s 3rd year and will be held at the Best Western Merry Manor Inn, in South Portland, ME November 8th-10th! So if you’re in the area you should drop in for the weekend, the day, mingle with fellow fans and cosplayers, learn how to spot a bootleg or knock off, and I dare say it-Destroy some bootlegs hardcore style!

No really, the first year we steam-rolled a ton of bootleg merchandise. You don’t see that at any other conventions, do you ;) ?

Due to date conflicts last year I wasn’t able to make it but you can bet to see me there this year and maybe running a few panels ;)